Everything you need for a camper holiday!

We pride ourselves on making sure your journey is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. To make things run smoothly, we’ve tried to think of everything that you may need and included them in your Camper van (the number of articles depend on the type of vehicle).

Dinner Set

  • 2x Cutlery set

  • 2x Plates

  • 2x Bowls

  • 2x Cups

  • 2x Wine glasses*

  • 2x Drinking glasses

Standard Inclusions

  • 3x Kitchen knives

  • 4x Cooking utensils

  • 1x Tongs

  • 1x Bottle opener

  • 1x Tin opener

  • 1x Potato peeler

  • 1x Chopping board

  • 1x Large Plate

  • 1x Microwave steamer*

  • 3x Microwave mixing bowls*

  • 1x Salad bowl

  • 4x Plastic containers

  • 2x Saucepans

  • 1x Frying pan

  • 1x Dish cloth

  • 2x Tea Towels

  • 1x Salt and Pepper

  • Hangers*

  • 1x Kettle

  • 1x Bucket

  • 1x Brush/pan

  • 1x Extension cord

  • 1x Hose*

  • 1x Mallet

  • 1x Cooking scissors

  • 1x Heater*

  • 1x Electric Kettle*

  • 1x Electric Toaster*

  • 1x Gas bottle Full

  • 1x Multiple plug

  • Clothes pegs & line

  • 1x Coffee Plunger*

  • Sleeping Bags / Pillows

Safety Equipment

  • 1x First aid

  • 1x Fire extinguisher

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