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Camper Stories from our customers

Maryanne & Rick
April 2015

Thank you June & team: We had a very memorable holiday and enjoyed your Go Campervan vehicle.

Thank you for all your help with organizing everything. We will definitely highly recommend you and never know might find ourselves back there sometime to explore the rest of the west coast.
The mud map taking us through, Rockingham, Busselton, Cowaramup, Margaret River & Flinders Bay was wonderful. Loved Grannys pools. Loved the freedome that the motorhome gave us, there is nothing better.

Funeral was a nice celebration of his life and good catch up with friends and relatives thank you for asking.

Regards to you both Maryanne & Rick from NSW.


Our South-West Trip

Thanks again for campervan and the help you gave us picking up, we're having a great time.

We arrived in Australia in October 2014 with the intention of travelling around it in one year. We weren't sure how we were going to achieve this goal; campervan, buses and trains, airplane.

Our favoured option would be the campervan, seeing as we would then have complete control over the journey and times. However, we weren't really sure we wanted to fork out for a campervan without having a bit of a test drive first, so we decided to hire one for around 2 weeks to see what it was like and also get a chance to check out South Western Australia.

We decided to go with Go Campervan Hire as they had great reviews and their campers looked good. We're really glad we did! They're a small company with a really great and friendly service. We were given plenty of information about the campervan we were hiring, told about places we just "had' to visit in the trip and had the insurance explained to us fully.

We decided to hire the smallest camper they had (Go Eco Kombi) to test out the size, it ran like a dream and came packed with everything we could need (even if we hadn't thought we would need it). All of the equipment for cooking was clean and seemed like new, the bed was comfortable and there was loads of storage space.

We took the camper all the way down to Albany, stopping at Margaret River for the delicious chocolate at the Chocolate Company, we explored the Mammoth and Lake caves, which were just stunning and well worth a visit. In Albany we had the chance to go sailing for the morning.

The fuel consumption on the van was brilliant, we managed to get a lot of Kms out of one tank, which meant we had more money for sightseeing and eating! It was pretty small for a camper, so it felt safe and easy to drive and park.

We fell in love with this campervan and the freedom it had given us to explore such a beautiful area that we decided to take the plunge and buy our own. On returning the Go Eco Kombi to June we had our new campervan with us which June gave the once over and her seal of approval, which meant a lot to us as it's clear that she really cares about what she does and just as importantly knows what she's talking about! We would definitely recommend Go Camper to anyone!


October 2011

I would like to share with you some details about our last trip and some pictures.

June at Go Campervan Hire gave me a very friendly, efficient and informative service to help me plan a wonderful surprise Birthday weekend away to the Geographe Bay area for my fiancÚ Lydia. I chose the Eco Backpacker, for its compact feel but comfortable lay out and great accessories. It came with everything I needed to make our trip as unique as I wanted it to be.

We were able to have breakfast by the beach, lunch in the town and then settle down to watch the sunset on our camp chairs with some cold wine and beautiful cheese.

It truly was a fantastic weekend and June and team at Go Campervan Hire need to take a lot of credit for it. Thank you!

Thanks again and I will pass on your details to my parents when they come out in March.



Jamie and Lydia

Jamie and Lydia

Jamie and Lydia

Jamie and Lydia

Jamie and Lydia


Paula and Jamie

After picking up our 2-3 berth economy backpacker campervan from the Go Campervan Hire office we set off on our three week road trip. During the three weeks we travelled roughly 5450kms. The campervan took us to many places including the Pinnacles, Kalbarri, Shark Bay, Coral Bay, Exmouth and the Cape Range National Park.

We then headed down to the south taking in the beautiful scenery of the karri forests as we travelled through Pemberton all the way to Albany. On our return we did one last detour via Hyden to see the amazing Wave Rock.

This was the first time either of us had ever travelled in a campervan and we both had the most amazing time. Although we hired the most basic of the campervans it was everything that we wanted. The fridge was a god send being big enough to fit everything we needed in and there was plenty of storage space.

We loved the freedom that hiring a campervan gave us as we often stayed more than a couple of nights in places that we fell in love with! Words can’t describe how great it is to be driving on the open road with the freedom to go anywhere you want. We never had any problems with the campervan and I think both of us felt a little bit sad saying good-bye to what was our home for three weeks!

We would definitely recommend hiring a campervan from Go Campervan Hire and if we had the chance we would be back on the road doing it all over again!

Paula and Jamie

Paula and Jamie

Paul and Trix
Our trip from Perth to Exmouth

Visiting our relatives in Geelong, Adelaide and Perth, we also decided to do a 15 days trip from Perth to Exmouth by Camper Van. Surfing through the internet we finally choose Go Campervan Hire in Rockingham. Mainly based on the positive reviews former users wrote about Go Campervan Hire and some negative experiences we heard in the Netherlands about a few other rental companies.

Go Campervan Hire indeed came up to our expectations. We made a reservation without any misunderstanding. The reception by June was very friendly, the Van almost brand new and the instruction by her husband Paul how to operate the equipment was good and adequate.
Even our wish to get the van sooner than we had pre-arranged was no problem.

So we spent a great time in Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park, Coral Bay, the Quobba Blow Holes, Hamelin Pool, Monkey Mia, Geraldton with its nice museum (Batavia Heritage Coast), Kalbarri N.P., The Pinnacles and many other less-known places.

The last two days, before our return flight, we stayed in Rockingham, a nice coastal village, worthwhile to explore. For a fair amount Go Campervan Hire drove us to Perth Int. Airport. Thanks to Go Campervan Hire our trip was successful. We had a great time. Paul and Trix, The Netherlands

Paul and Trix


Bruce and Sarah

Although we still miss the kombi camper van we hired from Go Campervan Hire Perth, Olive (or Olive II to give her her full name) we've come to realise that we need to move on, and part of this is a wee summary of the fun we had together in our "Four seasons in three weeks" in Western Australia.

We started with a nice long drive North, grinning broadly 'cos of how lovely Olive is, and 'cos of the beautiful blue skies and red soil. We took it slowly up the coast of WA- probably slowly enough to let the 'roos dodge out of the way - via the Pinnacles Desert and lots of lovely empty beaches, ending up at Shark Bay. Relieved not to see any sharks; glad to see lots of dolphins, emus, dogfish and rays.

As we returned from our camping holiday to Perth the nights grew steadily colder. After one particularly cold night, camped by the side of the road at Galena , we were alarmed to see frost on the picnic table in the morning!

Because of all the unhealthy exercise, we needed to recuperate, so based ourselves in Margaret River for the last week. The heavens opened, giving the state a much needed drenching. Olive (our kombi campervan hired from Go Camper) did not leak! The week passed in a heady mix of fabulous wine and great food, with the occasional excursion, and expensive trips to potteries and galleries.

Not lost - loving it!

Local critter getting driving lessons.

Kombis get under your skin. We can almost list where and when we saw other Kombis, and what they were like. The Kombi Campervan we hired from Go Camper, Olive was by far the loveliest. She was fabulous on her first trip out, and didn't let us down once.

Here is us on our sad farewell. For the record, I'd like to point out that we look like chipmunks solely because of all the winter clothes we're wearing, nothing to do with living it up in Margaret River .

Thanks so much for everything!

Bruce and Sarah.


Richard Lancaster

As a teenager I always wanted to own a Kombi van and just drive away. Since I couldn't drive and had no money, it remained a dream. Thirty years later I received a surprise birthday present, a voucher to hire a kombi campervan from Go Kombi.

Unfortunately when we wanted to get away no Kombi van was available - I guess a lot of people share my nostalgia. Instead we picked up a near new Kia Campervan from the sister company Go Campervan hire. We drove it from Perth to Kalgoorlie and back, spending a week on the trip and travelling well over a thousand kilometres. Since it was quite hot at times, we appreciated having a modern vehicle equipped with air-conditioning and power steering; my grumbles soon faded. The vehicle was very clean and fully equipped when we picked it up (and not so clean when we returned it, that red dust gets everywhere).

Since the Campervans and Motohomes for hire are so well equipped, you don't need to take anything except food, clothing, toiletries and personal effects such as CDs. Having your own accommodation means never having to say "How much do you charge?" In Western Australia outside Perth you never have difficulty finding somewhere quiet to camp for the night. A highlight of the trip was sleeping in the absolute quiet of the bush under stars so bright away from any city glow. We only stayed in a caravan park when the desire for a shower grew irresistible. Spending all day every day together was good for us as a couple, even without showers.

We had a great holiday with no problems at all. But I still want to drive away in a Kombi.


Phil and Nikky

After collecting our immaculate Motorhome from Go Campervan Hire hire in Rockingham, we set off in the search of sun, surf and an unforgettable adventure, and we sure did find it all on our way to Exmouth. After completing the Pinnacles, the trip took on a very beach feel. Beautiful Kalbarri is a must see for those wanting a relaxing time with plenty to explore and relax of a night time in the local tavern telling, stories of the whale we "think" we saw and eating the local catch of the day. Our sights were then set on Exmouth prising ourselves away from the Dolphins at Monkey Mia, with a quick visit to Canarvon, and on to Coral Bay which is fantastic. After some snorkelling, Quad biking, fishing, and swimming with the local manta rays and turtle's it was time to head back home. Hiring a Campervan was a great way to see and do everything we wanted in the comfort of our own home. We will defiantly be doing this trip again but the with one difference, we will hire a 4WD campervan!
See you there.

Tony Williams

As a avid Kite Boarder I have been wanting to visit the WA coast in summer for a couple of years and last year I got my wish. Eight days driving up the coastline from Perth to Monkey Mia and back. We hired a camper van from GoCamper and set out on the day before Christmas. Throwing caution to the wind(and there was wind every day), we did not book camp sites ahead of time. Fate was on our side and we never had any problems finding a nice place to stay the night. The campervan we hired was very new and ran smoothly and so did the trip. We saw dunes surrounding Lancelin, the Pinnacles near Cervantes, leaning trees at Geraldton, the beautiful cliffs and canyon at Kalbarri, Stromatolites near Denham, and lots of amazing sea life at Monkey Mia. We had a ball and were lucky to have great weather with temperature in the upper 20’s but no higher. Our van converts now and even hired a van when we went on the Great Ocean Road in February(but that is a different story). The owners of GoCamper provided great service with pickup and dropoff at the airport and even letting us stay the first night their house. Also the suggestion of spending New Years at Rockingham was spot on. I have told all my friends about the trip and even have a small flash presentation of it hosted on a friends website(http://www.kitesurfing.com.au/tony/trip1.html) and would recommend GoCamper to anyone interested in seeing the sights around WA.

Kim and Cathy

We thought we would take a little trip around Australia, decided to hire a 4WD Campervan from Perth because we have relatives nearby in Albany. We have been before so we know it is not a small place, we put our UK lives on hold for 9 months and set out on the BIG LAP. We chose Go Campervan Hire hire because we like the little guy. Their website is good, we particularly liked the fact they give you a full itinerary before you get there so you know what you have to take, just clothes and suncream as it turns out as every thing else is in the van! I know June prides herself on ensuring that every van is spotless before you pick it up and we were not disappointed. There was just the two of us so the van was ideal, easy to park, the bed was spacious enough so your not on top of each other unless you want to be!!, and you have a loo so your not having to find your way to the ablutions in the middle of the night. Only thing we missed was a proper oven, but with all the free BB-Q's it's not a great problem.

We only did 36000K, right the way round and down the middle to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and over to Tassie. The van went great, no problems at all. Two services in that time, just drove into a Ford Garage and June settles the bill, only wore out a few tyres.

What a fabulous place, life in the slow lane, just cruising from beach to bush and back again. Said that OZ is a big place, it is, but not for us. We took our time, let the easy way of life percolate our souls and strolled round just a short hop each day to the next marvellous vista, all the time knowing that if anything went wrong with our transport, our home, that we had back up. Thanks to Go Campervan Hire we had a no worries camping trip of a lifetime.

Nicolette and Mario

We had a lovely time in WA and just wanted to say thank you for your helpful, efficient and professional manner. It was a delight to hire a motor home with you and if we return to WA look forward to visiting Go Campervan Hire hire again.

Jo and Kieron

After our camping holiday through Western Australian, we e dropped the motorhome off on the 28th to your very friendly rep. He was so friendly we sat chatting to him for about half an hour about oz, life and general things whilst he was checking the van over. He even offered to drive us back to our accommodation for that night but we declined as we saw he was busy, so he very kindly booked us a taxi.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us organise the hire of our campervan for our trip up the West Coast. The camper was fantastic. Kieron was so impressed with the space inside, the swing out stove and the pop top makes all the difference. I can honestly say we had no problems at all. The van ran like a dream and the air con was just a god send. We loved every minute of our camping trip. We managed to get to Exmouth and Turquoise bay (thanks for the recommendation), Monkey Mia to see the Dolphins, trekking and gorge walking in Karijini National Park and 3 beautiful days in Broome where we saw the most magnificent sunsets.

As I work in travel I know how important word of mouth is and I will certainly be telling all the travel consultants in my company to recommend Go Campervan Hire hire to their clients. Both you and your husband were a delight to deal with your help you really made this holiday one to remember for life.

Sam and Debbie

When my wife and I decided we wanted to take a self-drive holiday from Perth to Broome, we realised that we were starting from a "back-foot" position due to the fact that most rental car companies do not like to rent out their vehicles for one-directional hire. We also faced a challenge because of the things we wanted to do on our way between Perth and Broome, because we wanted to stop and explore several national parks on the way and had two issues on this front - one issue was that this would take us over several non-paved roads and the other issue was that we would need to take our accommodation with us. So this meant we needed to find a camper that would cover the vast distances we wanted to travel in a time-efficient manner and also be able to reach some of the more "remote" areas that we hoped to reach.

We telephoned around most of the "well known" rental-car companies to find that we were very restricted in where we could take their vehicles. Some of them offered 4WD camper options but still with significant restrictions on where we could take them and at very prohibitive prices. Then we found Go Camper, who could provide us with a 4WD camper, in a robust Toyota 800 series (Trooper) Pop-top configuration which, with its 4.2 litre Diesel engine and long-range fuel tanks (carrying 180 litres of fuel) would take us where we wanted to go. The conditions of hire were much less restrictive than anyone else offering 4WD camper hire for the Perth to Broome trip, meaning we were able to take the vehicle to all of the places we wanted to go. We also found the prices much more reasonable than ANY other company we spoke to plus we found the Go Campervan Hire staff extremely friendly and willing to negotiate pricing a "bundle", including some "extras" (which would be desirable for our intended trip), that suited our needs and our budget.

We arrived in Broome after 20 days on the road, after having experienced the magnificence of the Kalbarri, Karrijini and Cape Range National Parks, after the wonder of walking through ghostly Pinnacles at dusk, and exploring the "living fossils" of the Stromatolites at Francios Peron Peninsula, after the joy of feeding Dolphins at Monkey Mia, after witnessing the absolutely ore-inspiring (sic) scope and magnitude of a working open-cut iron-ore mine at Tom Price, and after the never-to-be-forgotten thrill of a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with Whale Sharks off Ningaloo Reef.

The 4WD camper, that we had rented from Go Camper, and which was our home from the time we had left Perth, was covered in red-dust and splattered with insects but was still just as comfortable inside as the day we picked it up in Perth. It was really a solid and sturdy third member of our party and we were sorry when we parted company with it at the end of our trip. It had been there when we camped and watched the sun setting on Big Lagoon in Francois Peron National Park, it had carried us through the Hamersley Ranges and it happily waited for us to slip into its comfortable double-bed at the end of each day of exploring.

So after a little scrub (to remove the dust and insects), we handed the vehicle back to the Go Campervan Hire agent in Broome and left a magnificent part of the country behind us, with us promising to ourselves that we will return within the next few years and continue our exploration of the Great North-West of this magnificent country. And, when we do, I have no doubt we will be in touch with Go Campervan Hire again to get the best available vehicle at the best available prices with the friendliness and helpfulness that will go with it.



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